Fountain: 4 cascading flowers among palm trees and an oak tree
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This beautiful fountain hangs on the wall like a picture. The core is made of high-fire stoneware, embedded into a shadow-box like construction with a hinge-mounted wooden frame that hides the electrical cables underneath. Two lights illuminate the fountain, one shines up out of the fountain's bowl, the other is a light strip "illuminating the sky" at the upper inner edge of the frame. The pump inside the fountain's bowl pumps the water through the tree trunk into the upper flower. From there the water cascades down into the bowl again.
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Order ID: WF08003
Fountain: Picture with 4 cascading flowers among palm trees and an oak tree.
Clay fountain. Indoor only.
Recirculating pump with light (115VAC/12VAC) included and preassembled.
Dimensions approx.: height: 34", width: 36", depth: 4.5", weight: 46lb

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