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Ebifountains by Vera Basler Artists Group
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Ebifountains by Vera Basler Artists Group
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Fountains for Persian cats
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Waterer for Persian cats
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Ebi Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

Battery, Power-Cord or Gravity Operated, Safe, Quiet, Dismantle- & Scoop-Proof, Slow-Drinking, Anti-Gulping, Handcrafted for The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety & Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves

There are new pumpless gravity waterers in stock. see: Our stock fountains.

Cordless battery fountains

cat drinking from his cordless battery fountain
Our cordless fountains use rechargeable batteries or D-cells. The batteries are placed in a special compartment inside the fountain (no cable accessible outside). This solution is flexible enough that you can still "plug them in" if desired.

To read more about our cordless battery powered pet fountains, click here.

Drinking fountain for Persian cats

cat drinking from his Persian fountain
The drinking indentations of our ceramic Persian cat fountain are just large enough to allow cats to drink: Only their tongues can fit into the indentations, keeping their fur clean and dry. The water in the drinking holes stays at a constant height and is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water.

To read more about our water fountain for Persian cats, click here.

Drinking fountains with "slow drinking" anti-gulping lids

fountain with anti-gulp design
These water fountains are specially designed for fast drinking dogs or cats who love to "scoop" water out of their fountain. The narrow drinking area surrounded by a wide rim encourages your dog or cat to drink at a slower pace and keeps the water in the drinking fountain and off the floor. You can get them with an additional cover for the drinking area, leaving just drinking holes open for drinking similar to the Persian fountain. They can be equipped with a removable insert that leaves just small areas open for drinking similar to the Persian fountain.

Drinking fountain for curious and "playful" cats

cat drinking from his Main Coon fountain
These drinking fountains are specially designed for curious cats who love to dismantle their fountain or "thump" lids and "scoop" water out of it. The narrow drinking area surrounded by a wide rim keeps water in the fountain and off the floor. All parts are secured with stainless steel cotter pins, making this fountain dismantle proof.

To read more about our drinking fountains for Maine Coon cats, click here.

Pumpless gravity cat waterer

cat drinking from his pumpless cat waterer
These automatic pumpless gravity cat water dispensers use a 1 liter VioSol/Miron bottle, a 32 oz clear glass bottle or a 1.5 liter PE water bottle as water reservoir. You can get them with 1, 2 or 3 drinking openings.
It is easy to clean and fill. The water level automatically replenishes for maximum convenience.

To read more about our pumpless cat waterers, click here.

Big Dog drinking fountain

big dog drinking fountain
Water fountains for big dogs feature a big bowl with gallons of water holding capacity, a deeper lid to drink from, and a splatter guard.

To read more about our fountains for dogs, click here.

Dog water fountain with automatic refill system

dog waterer
This concept has an automatic water refill system instead of a huge water bowl. The wide elevated rim helps keep the water inside the fountain when doggy drinks. This is just one example of the many possibilities. 

To read more about our fountains for dogs, click here.

Pet Fountain Features

cat drinking from his EBI drinking fountain
  •   Handcrafted in the USA to your specification.

  •   Certified dinnerware-safe materials and antimicrobial beverage grade tubing for your pet’s safety (safe for cats allergic to plastic).

  •   Easy to clean: non-porous stoneware body and easily accessible parts. 

  •   Dismantle proof even for the most clever cat.

  •   Covered ceramic water reservoir keeps water cool and protected. 

  •   Cleaner, fresher water: 3 different filter systems to choose from with activated charcoal pellets as well as germicidal UV lamp for disinfection.

  •   Fresher taste: continuously recirculating/aerating low-voltage DC fountain pump is safe, ultra-quiet, efficient and can be plugged in or battery operated. The water stays cool with our pump (does not heat up the water as many commonly used pumps do).

  •   Low center of gravity for tip-safety; a securable lid makes this decorative ceramic cat and dog drinking fountain dismantle proof.

  •   You can get the fountain with cordless battery operation or auto-refill system.

  •    Choose the size, design and colors of your handcrafted ceramic cat or dog drinking fountain.
To read more about water fountain features for cats and dogs, click here.

Why an EBI ceramic pet drinking Fountain?

Features you won't find anywhere else:
EBI ceramic fountains are the best pet drinking fountains you can find. They are handmade in the USA with certified safe materials, antimicrobial tubing and low voltage UV lamps for water sterilization (optional). The unique designs attract cats, encouraging them to drink more water. Your custom EBI fountain can be dismantle-proof: we can "batten down" the lid and secure other components so even the smartest "fountain disassembler" has meet his/her match. We offer designs to eliminate "pawing" water out onto the floor. We can size your fountain to accommodate any breed, from the tiniest Munchkin to the largest Savannah. We offer water fountains that are usable in a moving RV, equipped with rechargeable batteries, battery backup or water auto-refill system. There are especially quiet fountains available for skittish cats, cat spouts that have the coloring of their Siamese or Bengals, fountains custom fit to any space, give us a challenge and we will meet it!

All of our pet water fountains are one-of-a-kind items. We usually custom make our cat and dog water bowls to your specifications. If you don't like to wait until a fountain is created to your ideas, we have some fountains in stock.

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