Pet drinking fountain

Our ceramic pet fountains filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. The falling action aerates the water and the movement is attractive to a cat's instinctive search for fresh water. It satisfies the urge for running water.
This ceramic pet fountain has two filters, a pre-filter (stainless steel mesh) to catch bigger particles before they reach the inner fine filter, the reservoir and the submersible pump, and a 3 way replacement filter to remove fine particles, bad tastes and odors. The filter we use is a standard Drinkwell Pet Fountain Filter, with * Duo Density Polyester Pad - captures debris, * Carbon Impregnated Pad for quick action, and * Granulated Carbon for extended action.
Unlike plastic pet fountains that develop cracks, this drinking fountain is made from durable, nonporous dinnerware-safe glazed stoneware that mitigates bacteria growth. Ceramic resists bacteria, commonly found on porous plastic surfaces. The ceramic drinking fountain is dishwasher-safe, enabling simple, thorough cleaning.
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Order ID: PF1001
Pet drinking fountain
Stoneware fountain. Indoor or outdoor (no frost).
Recirculating pump (3 prong) and 2 filter system included and preassembled.
Dimensions approx.: height: 7.5", diameter: 11.5", drinking height: 7"
This ceramic pet drinking fountains comes with 3 pump options: a 110VAC Submersible Pump with heavy duty outdoor 3 wire cable with ground (standard), or a Submersible Pump with Mini Integral Transformer - (if the cat chews at the cable there is just safe low voltage), or a 2 W Solar Submersible Pump with solar panel and battery pack - add $40.00.