Price list for Ebi Fountains (Jan 2015)
Please see new Price list as of April 2020
Fountain size Price
Fountain base price includes low-voltage pump, power adapter,
Drinkwell 360 filter housing w/ one cartridge or Ebi's refillable Bio Filter.  
Small round $249.00
Medium round $269.00
Large round or 9" square $309.00
XL round or 10" square $379.00
XXL round or 11" square $479.00
Small round with internal battery compartment $289.00
Medium round with internal battery compartment $309.00
Large round with internal battery compartment $349.00
9" square w/ internal battery compartment $359.00
Bowl 8 inch and taller  $15 per inch
over 7"
Cone $425.00
Spouts Price
Bubbler (low & high), Chalice, Flower/Lily, Half ball, Pyramid, Shell,
Coon with one lily
Volcano bubbler, Volcano flower, Dog house, Double spout flower,
Faucet, Frog, Golf ball, Lizard, Mollifant, Snail, Chili, Pig
Birds, Cat, Dolphin, Flower cascade, "Persian", Tower, Mouse $40.00
Tree of life, Flower cascade with additional top stream, Dragon fly $50.00
Iceberg w/ penguin $60.00
Double cat, Palm tree, head $70.00
Water lily, Frog with flower cascade $80.00
Filters Price
Drinkwell 360 housing w/fountain order $0.00
Ebi's Bio Filter w/fountain order $0.00
Ceramic flat filter housing  $39.00
Forever Filter and housing  $49.00
Housings only for 360, Ebi's Bio or Forever Filter  $25.00
Bio filter bag $5.00
Pumps Price
JT180FC with on/off flow control and pre-filter $25.00
DC power converters Price
4.5 volt $10.00
6.0 volt $10.00
Adjustable (3 to 12 volt) $15.00
European 4.5, 6 or 7.5 volt $15.00
USB-adapter cable - single $12.00
USB-adapter cable - double $17.00
Low-voltage extension cord 6 ft. $10.00
Battery options Price
AA-cell compartment $10.00
D-cell compartment only $35.00
D-cell compartment and power transformer $45.00
Rayovac S-plug adapter/charger $45.00
Rayovac S-plug adapter only $12.00
USB wall charger (no cable included) $10.00
Internal battery compartment (square fountain only) $50.00
Internal battery compartment (round fountain only) $40.00
Low-voltage extension cord 6 ft. $10.00
Replacement bowls & lids Price
Small bowl replacement (add decoration) $125.00
Medium bowl replacement (add decoration) $135.00
Large bowl replacement (add decoration) $155.00
XL bowl replacement (add decoration) $185.00
XXL bowl replacement (add decoration) $225.00
Bowl 8 inch and taller  $15 per inch over 7"
Small lid replacement (add spout) $125.00
Medium lid replacement (add spout) $135.00
Large lid replacement (add spout), Square 9" lid  $155.00
XL lid replacement (add spout) $185.00
XXL lid replacement (add spout) $225.00
Décor Price
One bowl décor $30.00
Each additonal bowl décor $20.00
Text $7 per letter
Double cat, Cat & mouse $50.00
Dolphins $80.00
Special features Price
RV fountain, add $55.00
Auto refill system with float valve $70.00
Secured lid $10.00
Lid one size bigger than the bowl size $15.00
Scalloped bowl $15.00
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