Pumpless cat waterer with clear glass bottle or 1 liter Miron® bottle

Stoneware waterer. Indoor or outdoor (no frost).
Measurements: drinking height=1"(3cm), bottle opening=3.6" (92mm), height=6"(15cm), height with Miron® bottle=12"(31cm)

This beautiful, convenient pumpless ceramic gravity pet waterer is designed for either a 1 liter VioSol/Miron® bottle, a 32oz clear glass bottle or other 1.5 liter water bottles with a diameter not larger than 3.5" (90mm). The waterer has two 1-3/8 inch diameter drinking openings. The waterer comes with one glass bottle of your choice.

Unlike plastic pet fountains that develop cracks, this handcrafted drinking waterer is made of durable, nonporous dinnerware-safe glazed stoneware. Clay and glazes are certified non-toxic and made in the USA. Ceramic resists bacteria, commonly found on porous plastic surfaces. The fountain has just 2 parts - bowl and bottle -, enabling simple, thorough cleaning.

Order ID: PW20006
special price
$79 with clear 32oz glass bottle
$104 with Viosol/Miron® bottle

Ebifountains by The Art of Conscious Living
pumpless cat waterer with or without 1 liter Miron bottle
pumpless cat waterer with or without 1 liter Miron bottle
pumpless cat waterer with or without 1 liter Miron bottle

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The Violet Magic Glass

The violet Viosol/Miron® glass was specially developed to give optimum protection to the bio-energetic value of the stored water. Scientific investigations have confirmed that the pure violet light spectrum of Miron® glass continually stimulates and energises the water molecules. This is exactly what enhances the vitality of the stored water and keeps it fresh for much longer.

The effect of sunlight

Sunlight is enormously important for the growth of all plants. No life is possible without light. When plants, for example, are ripe for harvesting, they must be used immediately or preserved efficiently. If plants are exposed to sunlight after the ripening process, then a process of decomposition begins. The same light that initially made growth possible now accelerates the process of molecular decay.

The light spectrum

Sunlight consists of the visible light spectrum (with the familiar colours of the rainbow), and the invisible ultraviolet and infrared. If sunlight is directed on a prism, the spectral colours become visible.

Colors with a high frequency (measured in Hertz), such as violet, have a short wavelength (measured in nanometers); and colours with a low frequency, such as red, have a long wavelength. Infrared and ultraviolet are not visible to the human eye.

How to protect solar energy

Problem: sun energy is difficult to store
However, this sun energy is very sensitive. Measurements at the Institute of Biophysics in Kaiserslautern (Germany) have shown that the levels of biophotons in conventional packaging (aluminum foil, plastic, brown glass) decrease visibly.

Solution: protection in Viosol/Miron® glass!

To protect the precious ‘sun power’, the water is stored in Viosol/Miron®glass (patented). The violet glass constantly stimulates and energizes the water, thereby maintaining the sun energy at its original level for long periods.

The Violet Magic Glass

Ancient cultures such as the early Egyptians stored valuable essential oils and medicines in either gold or violet pots. Scientific research has now confirmed what the ancient cultures learned long ago: violet light has the highest value of any visible color, 750.000 billion-Hertz. This frequency precisely matches the oscillation of our nervous system. By contrast, colors such as brown, gray and black have extremely low oscillation frequencies.

The properties of Viosol/Miron® glass

Miron® glass offers complete protection against the impairing frequencies of visible light while at the same time being penetrable in the high-energy UV / violet spectrum and the infrared spectrum. The metal oxides in the glass are also capable of absorbing light energy from outside (like a solar collector), and then releasing that energy very slowly to the inside.

This means that a unique high-energy environment develops in the Miron® glass. The molecular structure of a substance is constantly stimulated and reinforced. The decomposition process slows, and the subtle bio-energy remains at original levels for long periods. This gives Miron® glass a natural stimulant and preservative effect.

No other glass offers this unique combination of total protection in the visible spectrum and at the same time, transparency in the UV, violet and infrared spectra!

Scientific Study

The protective functioning of Miron® glass has been confirmed by measurements made by the biophotonic researchers Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli (1996). These measurements determine the emission values (=radiation values) of biophotons in biological systems. Biophotons are the smallest particles of light that are stored in vegetables and fruit for example.

Summary of the results

The Swiss photobiologist Dr. H. Niggli, who headed the investigation together with Prof. F.A. Popp, summarized the results as follows:

“The samples in the violet glass jar had a significantly superior storage quality, exhibited significantly steadier oscillation and displayed the lowest energy loss.”

“It was further determined that that samples stored in violet glass can transfer the largest quantity of ultraweak photon energy on synthetic cell liquids, which means that they can pass the most sun energy.”