Automatic refill system for Ebi's Pet Fountains
Electronic automatic drinking water refill system.
- Water source: Water dispensers or house water system (not included)
 - Electrical supply: 12 volt DC (included)
Order ID: PF-erefill

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This electronic automatic water refill system maintains the water in your Ebi fountain at a constant level.
It consists of:
- a level switch (inside the fountain),
- a box with the water valve and 1/4 inch PE-water tubes,
- a 12 volt DC power supply.

The system can be connected by a 1/4 inch PE tube (included) to either:
- a drinking water dispenser as a "Ceramic Crock" (not included) or
- your house water system (as your refrigerator water supply line).

How does the system work?
When the level switch in the fountain detects a water level beneath it's set point, the switch opens the water valve in the black box and lets water flow through the connected PE-tubes from your water source into the fountain. When the water level exceeds the switches setpoint, the valve shuts off and the water flow stops. The water valve also closes in case of a power outage.

The water dispenser needs to be placed above the drinking fountain as shown in the pictures.

We also offer a mechanical refill system for fountain sizes "large" and bigger with a bowl height of 8 inches for outside use.