Medium sized pet drinking fountain with a "Persian cat" spout
Stoneware fountain. Indoor or outdoor (no frost).
Recirculating pump and 2 filter system included and preassembled.
Measurements: bowl height=5.5" (14cm), maximum diameter=9.25" (23,5cm), height over all=8" (20,3cm)
Order ID: PF14011
price: $309

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This medium sized, glazed in "HF21" and "HF11", ceramic pet drinking fountain with a "Persian cat" insert filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. The fountain comes with a removable lid insert. You can use what fits best your cats drinking habits.
This fountain is designed for cats who tend to "bathe" in their fountains. The three drinking indentations, each 1-1/2 inch in diameter, are just large enough to allow the pet to drink - keeping your pet hydrated, but your pet and home dry. The water in the indentations is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water.

Our fountains have three filters. The first filter is an easy to clean stainless steel mesh placed in the backflow opening to catch larger debris like hair and food. The second filter is a foam filter inside the pump, keeping the pump cleaner longer. For the third filter, you have your choice of housing for the Drinkwell 360 filter and one cartridge or Ebi’s refillable Bio Filter with one filter media bag and charcoal fill. The Drinkwell is easier since you just pop one cartridge out and another in; the Bio Filter is much more economical since you fill it with course grade aquarium charcoal, which costs less than $10 a year to refill.
The 1st filter - the mesh filter - can be secured if your cats decide to play with it. The 2nd and 3rd filters are well hidden in the bowl, easy to reach for you but not your pet - and simple to change.
The fountain is also equipped with a quiet, safe low-voltage pump and a variable transformer that allows you to adjust the water speed. Only about the power of 2 to 4 D-cells is going from your electrical outlet to the fountain, so even if your pet were to chew through the cable, he/she would not be hurt. A battery option is also available to power the pump.
Unlike plastic pet fountains that develop cracks, this handcrafted drinking fountain is made of durable, nonporous dinnerware-safe glazed stoneware. Clay and glazes are certified non-toxic and made in the USA. Ceramic resists bacteria, commonly found on porous plastic surfaces. The fountain has just 4 parts - bowl, lid, filter and pump -, enabling simple, thorough cleaning.