"Ebi" Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains
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Our round battery operated pet drinking fountains

(with external battery)

Samples of round fountains/waterers with an external battery:

These fountains are NOT cordless but battery operated.

  pet drinking fountain with external D-cell battery box   pet drinking fountain with external USB battery
An external battery solution is for people who don’t have an outlet nearby and who don’t care that a cable and battery box are visible in the vicinity of the fountain. Having a battery outside of your water fountain or using a detached battery compartment leaves more room for water inside the fountain. You can choose between a D-cell box or using a rechargeable Li-Ion USB battery (power pack). As in all of our battery options, we do not supply the batteries but provide tips on which batteries will work. The batteries must be purchased separately from a reputable dealer. Amazon is a good choice because it’s fairly easy to exchange/return a battery that doesn’t work and since new choices are continually becoming available, we cannot test them all.

We specialize in custom made fountains and craft them in the size, color and with the spout you and your cats prefer.

If you don't like to wait until a fountain is created to your ideas, we usually have some cordless battery operated pet fountains in stock.
Click to see some thoughts about the batteries we use. We can use D-cell's or rechargeable USB-batteries (power packs) to power the pump.
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 Some samples:

with open 3 D-cell holder, open 4 D-ell holder, closed 4 D-cell box and USB battery
pet drinking fountain with external 3-D-cell battery holder  pet drinking fountain with external 4-D-cell battery holder  pet drinking fountain with external D-cell battery box  pet drinking fountain with external USB battery 
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