"Ebi" Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains
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Ordering an EBI fountain

Q: 1. How do I order a fountain?

A: 1. If the fountain is shown under “Fountains in stock” on the website (click “Fountains in stock” to browse.), just e-mail us the fountain number (PF….), the filter system you prefer and your mailing address with phone number so we can send you a complete quote.
2. If you’d like one custom made, use the “Design your pet fountain” link on the website or send us the number (PF….) of a fountain you would like recreated (click “Fountains we’ve made” to browse.)
If you would like a fountain recreated, please be sure to specify the desired size, spout, colors, filter system and your mailing address so we can complete your quote.

Q: 2. How do I choose the right filter system?

A: Here a link to a video describing the filter options we have available: https://youtu.be/cD3Z4dZ8B5I

Q: 3. How do I pay for a fountain?

A: Payment is due once we’re ready to ship your custom made fountain. For a fountain "in stock" we'll send you a quote and an invoice via PayPal or SQUARE. If you don't have PayPal, I can send you a SQUARE invoice instead. In the SQUARE invoice you’ll find a button leading you to a secure website where you can pay with your credit card safe and secure. We can ship the business day after receiving your payment.
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Q: 4. How long does it take to have a fountain made?

A: Custom orders usually take around 4 weeks to complete; we’ll give you a current estimate to completion when you order.
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Q: 5. What does the process of completing an order look like?

A: Once we’ve received your order, we send you an order confirmation with a complete quote including shipping and the estimated time to completion. Usually example photos are also included that help you envision what your finished fountain will look like or to choose among different variations (e.g. flower shapes.)
Once you’re happy with the final design and give us the go ahead, we’ll begin by modeling the fountain and sending you your first picture for approval. This “raw” clay structure then needs to dry for up to 2 weeks and is then bisque fired, glazed and finally high fired.
Since the glaze “develops” in the high fired, the next pictures you’ll receive will be of your finished fountain: this will be a series of detailed pictures for your final approval.
Now it’s time for you to make your payment and for us to test, pack and ship the fountain. Every fountain undergoes a 24-hour test run to make sure everything works perfectly before it leaves our house.
We’ll send your tracking number as soon as your fountain is on its way to you and we appreciate hearing from you once it has arrived. (And of course we love receiving your photos once the real owners of the fountains are using them…)
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Q: 6. Do I have to take a custom ordered fountain if I don’t like it?

A: No, if for some reason the fountain doesn’t meet your expectations, we can make you another.
In most cases our order confirmation process assures that we make the fountain you envision the first time around.
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Q: 7. How can I be sure the fountain works when I get it?

A: Every fountain undergoes a 24-hour test run before it leaves our house.
In the rare event that something still doesn’t work, we’ll run through a troubleshooting protocol with you first to see if we can correct the problem and if this is to no avail, the problem part will be replaced free of charge.