Ebi Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

Battery, Power-Cord or Gravity Operated, Safe, Quiet, Dismantle- & Scoop-Proof, Slow-Drinking. Handcrafted in the USA for The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety & Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves

Some customer feedback:

D.L., NY - Jan 2018:
We set up our new Fountain and OMG it is Even more Perfect in person. We love the flow of the water and We love the New Pumps and the UV lights.... We immediately (Even though I was sick with a fever) set up the New fountain and replaced and set up the original fountain.
All 3 of our cats drank from the new fountain and were all over it inspecting it and the ways they can drink the water.
By the weekend we will be sending you the new photos so you can enjoy seeing how you made us all so very happy. We appreciate everything and the packaging, as usual, was amazing. I am going to look if you have a yelp page and share my wonderful experiences with everyone looking to love their pets a little more by purchasing your Beautiful Fountains.

God Bless you, We will continue to Support your wonderful Fountains with Amazing Designs and Superior Quality.
Best Regards,

K.A., GA:
I have owned several Drinkwell fountains since 2000. I love the fountains, but hate cleaning them. The plastic has sharp corners that gouge and cut my skin as I clean. There are so many �nooks and crannies� that I never feel that it is completely clean. There are areas that, because of the shape, I must use a long Q-tip to clean it. I have six cats, so I clean the fountains often. I dread cleaning day.
I received my fountain one month ago. I have cleaned it four times. It is so easy. All of the parts come out of the bowl and I simply use a sponge and dish washing liquid to clean the parts and the ceramic bowl. It takes me just a few minutes and I don�t have to be so careful about not cutting or scraping my skin. I feel that everything is really clean and that there is no residue because I could not reach certain areas.
Thank you for making my life easier.

Over the years I have had several cats that were allergic to the plastic in water bowls. My vets have all advised me not to purchase plastic bowls. Liquid products (such as milk) in plastic containers designed for human consumption are made from food grade plastic so that we are not in contact with the harmful elements of plastic.
Cats prefer drinking water from a fountain, so I purchased a Drinkwell fountain in 2000. The cats loved it and so did I. I have purchased several fountains over the years.
Unfortunately, my cats developed plastic allergy symptoms -- licking or chewing all of their hair from their abdomen and inside both legs. Watching them constantly licking and chewing upset me because I knew how uncomfortable they must feel. I thought, �Someone must build a fountain using food grade plastic.�
Then I found your website. I know that ceramic is non-toxic. I received my fountain about a month ago. In that time my sweet Russian Blue cat, Sugar, has stopped chewing and licking. I looked at her belly today and the fur is growing back!!! It is about 1/8� long and I can�t see her skin anymore because the fur is covering it.
I am so happy that I found your website. Sugar and I say, �Thank you�.

M.A.M, OR:
As I suspected, your pet fountain is a work of art. What I like best about it is how quiet it runs and how heavy and safe it is. Most custom fountains have resin on them which can be toxic to kitties over time. I also love that the filter is well hidden and unless my kitties start taking steroids, there is no way they can get to the filter! On the Drinkwells, I finally just gave up tossed the filters and the lids because I was finding both of those items in the strangest places (even the litter pan)! Beautiful wonderful work and it came here perfectly intact.
Weeks later: I still love, love love your pet fountain. Oh well- at any rate I am sharing this exciting bit of news with people who I believe will care-

B.S. Phoenix, AZ:
The fountain looks great we are very pleased with it. The color turned out wonderful and It arrived completely unharmed thanks to the great packaging. Again, many thanks for such great work and we will be sure to share your information with our friends. Oh, the dogs are also enjoying it as well.

P.S. Goreville, IL:
You do nice work. We have an older cat that has taken over several sinks in our house every time we run a faucet so it's time to get her a faucet of her own. We received the fountain today in perfect shape and our cat loves it. Set-up was easy and the pump fired off right away.

N.S. Boulder City, NV:
I am sure that you know that you have a great product. I have looked at the Drinkwell 360, the Pioneer 6022, Petmate, Petco house brand, Catit, the Hammerschell, the Itsy Fountain web site. Yours is the best fountain, by far, due to the many extra features: 12 Volt direct current transformer, not using plastic bowl, overall quality, a far better pump, the mesh screen over the opening, choices of style, not foreign made, safe, ease of use and cleaning----as you already know. It is a good product and recommend by the Snufy and Express cat websites. Also yours is a beautiful work of art.

M.V. Coraopolis, PA:
Thank you Ebi. We love it !!!

C.H. Brandywine, MD:
It just came in the mail this evening and your website doesn't do it justice...very beautiful.

D.R. Hammond, IN:
I just wanted to say how neat this fountain is. It's a shame it has to sit on the floor. But Cushla and Ansel love it. And it's much, much easier to clean than the plastic fountain we had before.

L.S. Wilmington, NC:
Just wanted to let you know that we received the fountain on Thursday. The quality of the fountain is A+ and it is so beautiful. It took about 15 minutes of stalking by both of our kitties, Ben and Charlie, for them to realize it was safe and they could drink from it....they love it! Thanks so much...

R.S. New Milford, CT:
Hi Ebi. Just wanted you to know that the fountain arrived safe and sound. My young kitty went right over to it and started patting the frog with her paw. I think she wanted to play with it! Neither kitty has shown much interest in drinking from it but I'm sure they will.It's so quiet! I had a cheap plastic one before this that we could hear throughout the house. Thanks again..it's beautiful!

B.D. Naples, FL:
Received your fountain about a month ago....and you have just sent one to my friend.
I have been trying to catch one of my four cats drinking when I had a camera handy and finally caught one tonight. All four of them love the fountain. Two of them went to it right away, but the other two took them a few more days. Now all four drink from it regularly. Thought you like to see your work of art working.

L.N. Cannon Beach, OR, Feb 2012
Our fountain arrived perfectly due to your impeccable packing. The fountain is beyond our expectations. Beautiful and soothing and practical. The trinity of Art. Many thanks for a most enjoyable process.

V.B. Larkspur, CA, Jan 2012
We are very happy. It is beautiful and the cats, who believe they are royalty, tell me it's "about time".

J.C. Silver Spring, MD, Feb 2012
Just wanted to let you that your fountain arrived in perfect condition here yesterday. And I would like to thank you for the excellent documentation and the fantastic and efficient packaging (I'm from Germany, guess I fit that stereotype :-) Also, the fountain exceeded all my expectations, it is a beautifully and detailed crafted piece of art! Thank you so much!

T.V. Fountain Hills, AZ, Feb 2012
I love the fountain. Very decorative and playful. The cats are already using it. Thank you so much. It arrived without a scratch.

M.SG. Merrimack, NH, Feb 2012
The fountain arrived yesterday in good shape! It was well packed!! Set it up this morning, and everything working well. Both girls have investigated, and have sipped some water thumbs up from them! It is a beautiful piece. Thank you!

Y.L. Upper Darby, PA, March 2012
the fountain arrived yesterday on schedule and package was in good condition. I couldn't wait to open it and it looks beautiful. it was so easy to put them together and my little 4-legged buddy loves it and uses it right away. I have to say love the pump it is quite, water runs out of the tiny frog smoothly. Everything works well. I have received a lot of compliment on this beautiful piece.

L.H. Frisco, TX, May 2012
I received the fountain yesterday. It is installed and working great. It is absolutely beautiful! The dog and cat took to it right away. I will highly recommend to all my friends and may even purchase another in the future. Thank you so much.

J.H. Beulah Park, Australia, July 2012
I received the fountain today. It is well packed and looks much better than in the photos! It will be a centrepiece in our house, and an envy of all cats (and their owners) in the neighbourhood! Thank you so much for the comprehensive instructions.

G.C. Coogee, Australia, Aug 2012
We finally got around to take a photo of the little brats near their new water fountain that they love. .... You can't see from this shot, but the kitchen is a bit of marina-style with reds and blues, and the colour you suggested for the fountain matches perfectly! Thank you again and all the Best,

S.G. Miami, FL, Aug 2012
Thank you so much! They are doin good with it! They seem to really enjoy it and nucky (who loves water) seems to think that sometimes its a wash station for his legs, its really funny!

R.H. Reno, NV, Sep 2012
The fountain arrived on Friday; safe & sound. Maggie took an immediate liking to it. She enjoys drinking from the stream before it gets to the basin. Thanks again - You do beautiful work.

S.A. Franklin Lks, NJ, Sep 2012
Got the pump we are up and working.... Thanks for your great service! I will recommend you guys!

K.G. Waukesha, WI, Oct 2012
The fountain arrived exactly on time and in perfect condition. Unpacking and assembling was very easy and straight forward. It is even more beautiful in person. I could not be happier!!! Thank you so much!! It is perfect and a work of art. I have a feeling I will have to get some more of these for family members as presents in the future. Here is a picture of one of my kitty's with it. They both love it and have started drinking more.

J.K. Mililani, HI, Nov 2012
Hi Ebi and Vera.....great news, I received my fountain yesterday! I absolutely love it and the kids do too. My tigger cat and my cocker spaniel, koa, was the first to check it out. Thank you for such great service and for being so nice.

R.S. Littleton, CO, Nov 2012
I received the fountain yesterday evening, and set it up this morning. It works great, and as expected, kitties love it! Once I put the packing peanuts away, that is - you know how kids can be, buy them a new toy and they play with the box. ;-)

S.W. Little Ferry, NJ, Dec 2012
The fountain is amazing thank you so much! The cats love it!

M.T. Shiloh, IL, Dec 2012
I received the fountain today just fine, set it up, and my cat ran right over and started drinking.

D.L. Montreal, Canada, Dec 2012
The fountain is simply gorgeous. My cats took to it right away and love it. I also want to inform you that I didn't have to pay any duty or added taxes which is a huge plus because I always get dinged for a few extra charges when I order from the United States, so whatever you wrote on the bill worked!

D.M. Carmel, CA, Jan 2013
Jolie loves her fountain! Happy New Year!

J.D. Reading, PA, Feb 2013
I just wanted to let you know I received the fountain today and got it up and running. Alex and Jake were very happy from being able to crawl all over the unopened box, go inside the opened box, and finally�.dipping their paws into the fresh new water of the water fountain. They began drinking from it immediately. As for me�I�m very impressed with the real life version and I�m happy with the lower profile. The colors came out really nice. Heck�.I might even drink from it myself. I really like the option of shutting it off with the switch and being able to disconnect it from the transformer. I want to thank you for a really pleasant experience. You are easy to work with and I will definitely recommend you if anyone should ask.

J.M. Las Cruces, NM, May 2014

Not only is the fountain up and running smoothly, it's truly beautiful.  All three cats were immediately intrigued.  As expected, my boistrous Bengal boy is more interested in thoroughly examining it while the Coonies are already slurping away right underneath his paws.  Ha!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

V.H. Belgium, May 2014

The fountain finally arrived and we are delighted with it! It's beautiful, efficient, well designed and above all the cats love it. The european adapter is perfect and so is the pump. Thank you :-)