"Ebi" Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains
The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety and Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves
Handcrafted in the USA

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All of our pet water fountains are one-of-a-kind items. We usually custom make our cat and dog water bowls to your specifications. If you don't wish to wait for a fountain created according to your specifications, we have a few in stock for immediate delivery.

Why an EBI ceramic pet drinking Fountain?

Features you won't find anywhere else:
EBI ceramic fountains are the best pet drinking fountains you can find. They are handmade in the USA with certified safe materials, antimicrobial tubing and low voltage UV lamps for water sterilization (optional). The unique designs attract cats, encouraging them to drink more water. We make special water fountain for Persian and Main-Coon cats who tend to "bathe" in their drinking fountain. Your custom EBI fountain is dismantle-proof: we "batten down" the lid and secure other components so even the smartest "fountain disassembler" has meet his/her match. We offer designs to eliminate "pawing" water out onto the floor. We can size your fountain to accommodate any breed, from the tiniest Munchkin to the largest Savannah. We offer water fountains that are usable in a moving RV, equipped with rechargeable batteries, battery backup or water auto-refill system. There are especially quiet fountains available for skittish cats, cat spouts that look like  the cats who use them, fountains custom fit to any space, give us a challenge and we will meet it!

Special Offers:

These fountains are reduced because we tried new glazes, they have small flaws, are prototypes or didn't turn out as ordered. 

medium w/ large lid
140 Oz, 1.1 Gallon
 drink-h=6"(15cm), d=10"(25cm), h=11"(28cm),
$309.00  special: $249.00

small w/ secured lid
 110 Oz, 0.8 Gallon
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=8.5"(22cm), h=11"(28cm)
$319.00  special: $199.00  

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Battery operated cordless pet fountains:

All of our water fountains can be powered either by battery or a low voltage DC power adapter (plugged into your socket). So you can plug it in or power it using a battery. The battery can be placed inside or beneath a cordless fountain (so no cable is showing outside the fountain) or inside a detached ceramic battery compartment standing directly behind your "regular" round Ebi pet drinking fountain. You can choose between a D-cell box/holder or a rechargeable Li-Ion USB battery (power pack). For more information about our battery concepts see:  

'Persian cat' cordless fountain L vs small
cordless fountains small vs large
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Square pet drinking fountains:

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Pet drinking fountains with faucet spout:

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Pet drinking fountains for "Persian" cats:

The water fountain for cats who tend to "bathe" in their drinking fountain. The drinking indentations are just large enough to allow the cat to drink - keeping them hydrated. Only their tongues can fit in the indentations keeping their fur clean and dry. The water in the indentations stays at a constant height and is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water. You have a choice of drinking opening sizes: 1" (26mm), 1-1/4" (32mm), 1-3/8 inch and 1-1/2 inch (38mm) with our newly designed insert.
'Persian cat' inserts from XL to small
small w/ secured Persian lid
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=8.2"(19cm), h=7"(18cm),

medium w/ Persian lid
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=8.5"(20cm), h=6.5"(17cm),

small w/ secured Persian lid
drink-h=5.7"(15cm), d=8.2"(19cm), h=6.7"(18cm),

large w/ secured Persian lid
drink-h=6.25"(16cm), d=9.2"(22cm), h=7"(18cm),

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Pet drinking fountains with "coon" design lid:

These water fountains are specially designed for rambunctious cats who love to "thump" lids and "scoop" water out of their fountain. The narrow drinking area surrounded by a wide rim keeps water in the drinking fountain and off the floor. You can get them with an additional cover for the drinking area, leaving just drinking holes open for drinking similar to the Persian fountain. They can be equipped with a removable insert that leaves just small areas open for drinking similar to the Persian fountain.
small w/ secured lid
 110 Oz, 0.8 Gallon
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=8.5"(22cm), h=8"(20cm),

Large w/ recessed lid
 180 Oz, 1.4 Gallon
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=10.5"(27cm), h=7.2"(19cm),


Pet drinking fountains with or without "coon" design lid and Persian insert:

These are the original "coon" design (see below) that, in addition, are equipped with a removable insert that leaves just small areas open for drinking similar to the Persian fountain. It prevents your Persian cat's facial and chest hair from getting soaked and reduces the mess your cat can make. 
auto refill fountain
watch this video

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Pet drinking fountains with flower spouts:

 110 Oz, 0.8 Gallon
drink-h=5.7"(15cm), d=8.2"(21cm), h=8"(20cm),

 140 Oz, 1.1 Gallon
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=9.5"(24cm), h=8.5"(21cm)


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Pet drinking fountains with animal spouts:

medium w/ large lid
 140 Oz, 1.1 Gallon
drink-h=6"(15cm), d=10"(25cm), h=11"(28cm),
$309.00  special: $249.00


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Other cat and dog drinking fountains:

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Pumpless cat waterers / automatic cat water dispenser:

This beautiful, convenient gravity pet waterer with 3 drinking openings (each 1-1/2 inch in diameter or smaller) designed for either a 1 liter VioSol/MironĀ® bottle, a 32oz clear glass bottle or other 1.5 liter water bottles with a diameter not larger than 3.5" (90mm). The waterer comes in the color and with the bottle of your choice. It's designed for long haired or flat faced cats to keep them dry. The water level automatically replenishes for maximum convenience. It's made of ceramic (stoneware) with all dinnerware safe materials.
1-hole pumpless gravity cat waterer
add $25 for a VioSol/Miron bottle

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Food bowls:

These are just samples, I can make one for you when I create your fountain.
large food bowl
diameter: 5.5", height: 1-3/4" 
price: $12.00

medium food bowl
diameter: 5", height: 2" 
price: $10.00

small food bowl
diameter: 4", height: 1.5" 
price: $9.00

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Shipping estimates: $25 to $35 (Eastern Timezone), $30 to $40 (CT), $35 to $45 (MT) and $40 to $50 (PT) on any in-stock or custom order fountain (48 contiguous US states). You'll receive a quote based on your fountain size and shipping address.

We usually make our fountains in 5 different sizes, depending on the number and size of your pets.
Small: These fountains are approx. 8 inches in diameter. They hold 0.5 to 0.7 gallon of water and are good for up to two cats or small dogs.
Middle: These fountains are 9 to 10 inches in diameter and hold approx. 1 gallon of water. If you have more cats or a medium sized dog, then this fountain size will be good.
Large: These fountains are up to 11 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 1.5 gallon of water and are good for a flock of pets.
XL: These fountains are up to 12 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 2 gallon of water.
XXL: These fountains are approx. 13 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 2.5 gallon of water.
Be aware that the amount of water a fountain can hold depends on the height of the bowl.


1" (1 inch) = 2,5cm; so 5.7" = 14,5cm
drink-h = 5.7" (14,5cm) -> height of the bowl itself, without the lid. This correlates with the drinking height.
d = 9.5" (24cm) -> maximum diameter of the fountain bowl (diameter of the belly)
h = 9" (23cm) -> overall height: bowl plus lid, to top of the spout
Drinking height -> drinking water level above floor
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