"Ebi" Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

For cats who tend to "bathe" in their fountain:

The "mess inhibiting" Maine Coon fountain with secured lid

This fountain's lid is secured with stainless steal pins making it impossible for even an extremely large and rambunctious cat to dismantle the fountain, and the center water ring makes it difficult to scoop water out. Add to this a pinned cover for the backflow area and you have a dismantle-proof, mess inhibiting cat fountain. Kitty can drink out of the lid's center water ring, or lick the water coming out of the spout. 

What one customer (they have 4 big rambunctious Maine Coons and the L/XL version) has to say about this design:

“We received the fountain (absolutely beautiful as well as functional!!) and....so far, no splashing!!!! (Yippee!) - Such a joy to come into the kitchen after working and not have to clean up water on the floor. ”   Weeks later: “BTW we are still enjoying water free floors. So far, everything is working just perfectly! Our cats haven't been able to take the fountain apart or the sieve out! (Yeah!)... ”

EBI-Fountain with a large secured coon lid and frog spout  pet drinking fountain with a large secured coon lid and frog spout  pet drinking fountain with a large secured coon lid and frog spout  

Detail: Security pin

J. & G. N., Eagan MN:
"We absolutely love our fountains! So far the Maine Coon Fountain is absolutely completely Maine Coon proof. Willow, our 6 year old Maine Coon cat, continues to try and outsmart the fountain and the cotter pins. In the meantime, our bathroom floor is completely dry for the first time in many years. Thanks for creating such a great product! "

Pet drinking fountains with "coon" design lid and Persian insert

These are the original "coon" design (see below) that, in addition, are equiped with an insert that leaves only small areas open for drinking similar to the Persian water fountain.
 This insert prevents facial and chest hair from coming in contact with the water and getting soaked. The new owner of this fountain sent us a video showing her cat drinking from it.
She writes:
As I suspected, the fountain is VERY popular! I don’t know if you can tell here, but Parka is well on his way to getting drenched without the special top piece. He does well with it in place. Thank you again for taking the trouble to make that accommodation.

Pet drinking fountain with a secured coon lid and Persian insert  

Water fountains in stock.

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