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Water fountain for Persian cats

Persians are long haired flat faced cats. Even more so than other long haired cats, their face and chest hair gets wet and damp while drinking out of a “normal” water bowl or drinking fountain. They can soon develop skin infections and stained fur due to the constant dampness. It takes a specially designed drinking fountain to keep them dry; that's why we developed this cat water fountain at the special request of our Persian cat friends. As the fountain shown below illustrates, the special drinking indentations are just large enough to allow cats to drink, but keep their fur dry and stain-free. Their tongues fit in, but their facial and chest hair is protected. The water in the indentations stays at a constant height and is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water. We can create these ceramic cat drinking fountains in any size, color and with any decoration you like. The small water fountain has 2, the medium fountain 3 and the large fountain up to 5 drinking holes in the ceramic lid cover. You have a choice of 3 different drinking opening sizes, 1" (26mm), 1-1/4" (32mm) and 1-1/2 inch (38mm) with our newly designed insert.

      'Persian cat' inserts from XL to small

K.B. from Santa Clara, CA wrote (she has our large Persian fountain with 4 holes):
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your fountain! My 2 cats love it! It is very low maintenance, is quiet, and very well made. Thank you so much for the best cat fountain I have ever used! I believe it is the best fountain ever!

Pumpless Persian cat waterer with 32oz (1 liter) clear glass bottle or 1 liter Viosol/Miron bottle water reservoir

Pumpless EBI-Fountain with a Viosol bottle reservoir  Pumpless EBI-Fountain with a Viosol bottle reservoir  Pumpless EBI-Fountain with a Viosol bottle reservoir  Pumpless EBI-Fountain with a clear glass bottle reservoir  Pumpless EBI-Fountain with 2 holes and clear glass bottle reservoir
You can use these automatic cat water dispensers with a 1 liter VioSol/Miron bottle, a 1.5 liter PE water bottle or a 32 oz clear glass bottle.
This beautiful, convenient gravity pet waterer is easy to clean and fill. It's designed for Persian cats. The water level automatically replenishes for maximum convenience. It's made of ceramic (stoneware) with all dinnerware safe materials. We build them with 1, 2 or 3 drinking holes.

Water fountains in stock.

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medium Persian fountain  Persian collection  Persian waterer 
Persian waterer  Persian waterer  Persian waterer 
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Persian waterer 
What Pelaqita Persians, a Persian cat breeder, has to say about our ceramic water fountains:

Cat Water Fountains for Persian Cats by EBI Fountains
I have a difficult cat. Funfetti does not like, and will not drink from, a water bottle. After many days of trying to get Funfetti to switch from a bowl to a water bottle, I finally gave up. She is one stubborn cat. The problem with a water bowl is if you have a cat like Funfetti who likes to "Ruff Dive" this can create mess, damp skin and fur, and in Funfetti's case she developed a skin infection from always having damp hair on her face, chin, neck and chest. This is when I finally started to research into a water fountain that would work well with a Persian cat, their long hair, and for our cats that liked to "play" in the water.....
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